Autumn Cape

I have a beautiful piece of Cashmere that would be great made up in this pattern! Who’d like to make something similar? I like the collared version, with the welts. Smart enough for days out-warm enough to cover a jumper on an autumn walk. This make is suitable for Improvers and Confident Makers, it’s a ... Read more

Simplicity Patterns are 25% Off!

I decided to buy a versatile shirt pattern today, and Simplicity Patterns were 25% off! I think this will make a great 2 Day Studio Make Class, and would be suitable for Improvers and Confident Makers. For this garment to be successfully sewn, the maker will learn, cutting, interfacing, underpressing, top stitching and buttonholing. Sent ... Read more

21 September, 2018 01:49

I am starting to put Class dates in the calendar. This has taken some time, because website coding is not my strength – if I can’t sew something , it baffles me! Please have a look at the Classes link, I’d love to know if it’s working! ... Read more

Tabula rasa!
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