Single-handed Update

At the beginning of February, I fell and hurt my wrist and have spent the many weeks with a splint.

This has been extremely frustrating, since my New Year’s Resolution was to create a working sewing space in my studio. Trying to tidy up, move equipment and sort through boxes of fabric is not easy with only one functional hand!

To make matters worse, last week, I ruptured a tendon in my thumb. A second x-Ray revealed a fracture that had disrupted the blood supply, resulting in a dysfunctional thumb.

Thanks to our wonderful National Health Service, I was admitted the next day for an operation that transferred a “spare” index finger tendon to it’s neighboring thumb. This resulted in a hefty plaster cast for two weeks, to be followed by a moulded plastic cast for six weeks.

Needless to say, sewing got bumped down the list of “things I can do single-handed”. I’ve been resigned to not being able to conduct Sewing Workshops for quite some time. Instead, I am tidying (slowly), and keeping myself busy by planning future workshops